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ColLAboration #2 Spreads Craft Beer Gospel

Stone Brewing's Greg Koch sending a message to the man in front of a crowd of the craft beer faithful.

To embolden and inspire the committed members of the Craft Beer Revolution/Craft Beer Alliance, the ColLAboration Craft Beer Gardens and Events group served 55 barrels of amazing craft beer to more than 2,000 people who also witnessed a sermon of the Craft Beer Gospel from Stone Brewing Company’s Greg Koch at the ColLAboration Mobile Craft Beer Garden #2 on Saturday, June 4 in Los Angeles.

“We are gathered here to celebrate craft beer! I am so proud of you guys and what you are doing with this righteous work. In coming together with this ColLAboration we are sending a very important message to the man! No more will we put up with your fizzy, yellow beer!” bellowed Koch as he testified before the craft beer faithful through a megaphone as his sermon reached a fevered crescendo.

ColLAboration volunteers served up the craft beer goodness all day like the Maui Coconut Porter and Julian hard cider being poured here.

“This is where the craft beer revolution is! Brothers and sisters are you with me? If you are I have a very important question to ask you…Can I get a hell yeah?” bellowed Koch who promptly stage dived into the audience for a crowd surfing session as the Craft Beer faithful responded with chorus of ‘Hell Yeahs!’ screamed in unison.

Since you’re reading this article we’re going to assume that you know who Greg Koch and Stone Brewing are. If you don’t already know about ColLAboration it is the ultimate in craft beer events as far as Beers In Paradise is concerned.

ColLAboration LA is a group of four craft beer bar owners who had a vision to redefine the scope and culture of the Los Angeles craft beer scene, which until recently didn’t quite live up to some of the other amazing craft beer destination on the West Coast like Portland, Oregon, much of Northern California  or San Diego. That is until now.

The visonaries of the LA Craft Beer scene's ColLAboration Mobile Beer Gardens. L. to R. are Clay Harding, Tony Yanow, Brian Lenzo and Ryan Sweeney.

These visionaries are Brian Lenzo, owner of Blue Palms Brewhouse in LA; Tony Yanow, owner of Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank and Mohawk Bend slated to open at the end of this month in Echo Park; Ryan Sweeney, owner of the Verdugo Bar in LA and The Surly Goat in West Hollywood; and Clay Harding, owner of 38° Ale House & Grill in Monterey Park.

The scene reminds me of the same kind of camaraderie in the punk rock scene of local shows where everyone knows everyone else, and all share in the fun and excitement as a collective. You not only run into friends you know, but people you’ve seen on Facebook or other craft beer events. The best thing is everyone is absolutely crazy about craft beer!

And the beer, which of course is the major draw…is absolutely incredible. Most of you, as members of the Craft Beer Alliance aka The Beer Drinking Public knew to expect great beers like Stone Ruination or their recently released Stone Belgo Anise Russian Imperial Stout.

L. to R. are Ryan Sweeney, Brian Lenzo, Greg Koch, Alex Villa, A colLAb server and Paul Ferrer.

In addition, there were a bunch of hard to find beers poured like Hangar 24 Polycot Apricot Ale, The Bruery’s The Wanderer Dark Sour Ale, Avery’s Dugana DIPA, Firestone’s 14th Anniversary Ale, as well as Port Brewing’s 5th Anniversary IPA and their Night Rider Imperial Stout, an awesome beer and one of our favorites of the day.

Since the event was all about collaboration, there were even a couple of very nice collaboration beers of note like The Bruery & Cigar City’s Marron Acidefe, and the Avery and Russian River combo Collaboration not Litigation Ale.

As with many of these events if you blink you miss something. Unfortunately for us we blinked when Kern River’s 5th Anniversary Double Imperial Ale was on so we didn’t get to try it…again (we missed it at the Bruery’s 3rd Anniversary Bash a couple of weeks ago).

All told it was an awesome event with great beer as well as good friends both old and new. BIP rolled deep with Roy Chavoya, Vanessa Michelle, The Bierbutch (who was celebrating completing her doctoratge degree…it’s not Dr. Bierbutch), and Damien Valdez.

At the Hangar 24 truck.

BIP wants to give a shoutout to BIP site members Alex Villa, Paul Ferrer, Alex Reverend Rhino Carrillo, Ruben Perez, Evelyn Lucero and Frank Balbuena, as well as to Johnny Fullpint and Danny Fullpint of www.thefullpint.com, the ColLAboration Crew, and of course Greg Koch of Stone Brewing Company.

If you haven’t been to this event, plan for any of the upcoming ColLAboration events happening throughout the rest of the summer. Upcoming ColLAboration mobile beer garden events will be held on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood at 8950 West Sunset Boulevard on July 1st and 2nd, and every Friday and Saturday throughout July. For ticket info visit www.collaboration.la.

BIP with Greg Koch. From l. to r. are Damien Valdez, Roy Chavoya, Koch, Vanessa Michelle, Jason Stinnett and El Bierbutch.

To see highlights from ColLAboration #2, including Greg’s sermon, check out the video here and our ColLAboration #2 photo album on Facebook here. Don’t forget to like us when you visit. If you were at ColLAboration what was your favorite beer or favorite memory from the event? Please comment below to share!



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  1. Paul Ferrer says
    07 Jun 11, 10:44am

    Awesome write up as usual! Let’s do it again next event!

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  2. Mr. Stout says
    07 Jun 11, 12:57pm

    It was a blast just like the first! Can’t wait for the third! And yes, the Night Rider stout was one of the highlights of my attendance.

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  3. 01 Jul 11, 5:01pm

    […] we’ve reported to you the faithful members of the Craft Beer Alliance, the last two ColLAboration events have been an […]

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